Welcome to


the Sauna IN Bua

Enjoy a hot sauna and cooling bath in the sea!
The sauna was designed and built by Buas Framtid with sponsors. The sauna was completed in 2008 and has since then been a meeting place for enjoyment and recreation for many people living in Bua and guests. It has been given the name by Brygge-Johan who previously had his fish shop here.


Opening hours

Because of the Coronavirus 
The Bryggebastu sauna in Bua closed to avoid possible spread. Sauna keep closed until April 10.

Monday 5-7 pm
Thursday 5-7 pm


Wednesday 6-8 pm Saturday 10-12 am 

50 SEK per person.
400 SEK for 10 tickets.

Rent the Sauna

You can also rent the sauna for yourself and friends;
600 SEK for 3 hrs,
200 SEK for each additional hour.

The sauna and bi-areas take up to 20 guests.
Make your reservation at +46706 626 987.